Restroom rental and porta potties

Standard Unit


Drop Zone standard units are built for user comfort. They are spaciously designed, and well ventilated to eliminate odors. They are equipped with a 60 gallon holding tank to accommodate maximum usage, and a conveniently located urinal in the corner and of course it’s also equipped with the industries best hand sanitizer dispenser.


Plus Unit


Our plus unit is similar to our standard unit. In lieu of the urinal, this unit sports an interior sink, with soap, and paper towels included. The plus unit is the perfect solution for your event.


Deluxe Unit


This top of the line luxury restroom is the perfect solution for your high end function. This unit comes equipped with everything your guests need. Inside, the unit has a sink, urinal, and best of a flushing toilet. A foot activated pump flushes the bowl. It has the most spacious interior of all of our units. If you are looking for a top of the line quality unit this is it.


A.D.A Compliant Restroom


Drop Zone Portable Service is proud to offer the very best A.D.A. compliant restrooms that not only meets the strict A.D.A. guidelines, but in fact exceeds them. Our ADA compliant unit has ground level clearance that requires no ramp to access. It has heavy duty grab handles for maneuverability, and it has the largest tank in the industry. And like all of our units, this one comes standard with a hand sanitizer.


Crane Sling


Does your jobsite take place off the ground? If so you might be looking for a restroom facility that isn’t stuck on the ground. Our Crane sling units are engineered to be lifted by a crane to the tallest building that Chicago has to offer. The Crane sling units boast all the same amenities that our standard unit offers.


High Rise


Our high rise units are specialty toilets for job sites that require special access. They have a crane hoist on the top, and they can be lifted onto any roof here in Chicago. Unlike our crane sling, these high rise units can be moved inside a building. They are equipped with heavy duty castor wheels that allow the unit to be moved up a freight elevator or anywhere you can think of.


Standard Mobile Unit


These units are the perfect solution for the jobsite that is always on the go. These units are equipped with a heavy duty trailer that can be towed behind any vehicle.  This unit comes with all of the great features that our standard unit has.


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